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Epic Slant Press LLC is a small, local business based in Whitsett, NC currently focused on writing, gaming, and blogging. We have several ventures that our members put their creative effort into, which results in a diversity of products for you to enjoy.

Positivity is the driving force that guides us. The team strongly believes that with a positive outlook, anyone can achieve great things. We strive to support small and local businesses, aid fellow entrepreneurs, and donate a portion of all profits to charities.


Quill & Blade

Quill & Blade is the collective name of stories written by husband-and-wife duo, Adam "Anzel" and Kristen "Crystal" Trzonkowski. Featuring original characters set in an alternate universe of MLP:FiM's Equestria, journeying through both military and everyday life, romance, and adventure across 1,500,000 words.

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Havok & Hijinks

Havok & Hijinks is a fast-paced, light strategy card game that pits you against your friends in a race for the first respectable treasure hoard. Each turn starts with a quest for treasure that could lead to Havok like loot-hungry adventurers or beneficial heat waves. Engage in Hijinks by stealing and breaking your friend’s shiny treasures or defending your own. When a dragon has a hoard with a value of 15 or more, they win!

The game is ideal for families and friends looking for a quick, light-hearted game to play that everyone can enjoy.

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Epic Slant Blog

Run by a team of avid game lovers, the Epic Slant Blog produces reviews of board and card games, with a focus on indie developers.

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The Guild Leader's Companion

Whether you are already a leader or aspire to be one, we all know how challenging it is to run a guild, clan, corp, kinship, or any sort of organization. So why try to do it alone?

There is little doubt that taking on a position of leadership requires hard work and dedication. You’re going to be responsible for motivating your team, assigning resources, and all of the managerial intricacies that come with your position. Collected within the pages of The Guild Leader's Companion you'll find common sense-based knowledge of a leader that has been in the trenches for over ten years.

That is where The Guild Leader's Companion comes in! Adam "Ferrel" Trzonkowski has shared his proven advice, strategies, and tactics from his decade-long journey as a successful guild leader. Take a moment to sit down with the 2nd Edition and you will learn everything, good and bad, about leadership. You’ll discover topics that range from dealing with other players to the specifics behind resource management, all framed in Ferrel’s own positivity-driven, socially-focused leadership style.

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The Raider's Companion

Have you ever considered delving into the depths of a dungeon to slay a dragon and claim its treasures for your own? Does the idea of banding together with other adventurers to fend off the savage attacks of giants excite you? If so you might just be ready to start raiding in your MMORPG and Ferrel is here to help. In The Raider's Companion you'll find the knowledge, tactics, and skills you need to complement your current abilities and forge you into a more complete raider.

Both the veteran and neophyte will learn from Adam "Ferrel" Trzonkowski's years of raiding experience and repeated successes. Take a lesson from a guild leader who has been at the vanguard of raiding for over a decade and a half and discover how positivity, preparedness, and solid tactics can turn raiding from an experience reserved for the select few into one shared by players in every walk of life. It is time to sharpen your skills and learn new tactics so that you may build a lasting legacy.

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